Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tiny the Birthday Dog is officially completed!  I finished the paintings on May 29 when you will see this video link.  I had just finished the last stroke and decided to sit down on the front porch and talk about (debrief) the process of making the book.  I had nothing planned in my mind but I felt debriefing at that point would be a good thing.

After this debrief, the following week, I had the scans made and then took all the digital files and cleaned up everything on the pictures and made finishing touches digitally.  I sent them to my editor and designer and got a good review from them.  The project had closure at that point for me and I could breath a big sigh of relief!

A final note: Within the next day or two, the publishers contacted me and offered me another Tiny book!  I said "yes" and this will make book #8 of the Tiny series.
I thank God for all He has allowed me to do and His help that He gave me step by step to complete this project!  Hope this has helped you.

Please, enjoy the debrief :

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